Photo © Annebel Eppinga

Nice to meet you!

I’m an allround creative designer working across a variety of disciplines; concept creation, creative direction, photography, styling and interior design. I get excited about them all and I get inspired by the cross pollination.

My work is about translating the feeling we want to transmit into matter. I bring the vision to life by building worlds.

Schooled at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Lifestyle & Design and Branding. Based in the Netherlands I work worldwide and would love to realise your visions and dreams.

Like what you see? I would love to connect!

Elvira van der Ploeg


1. A picture in your mind or an idea of how someone or something is.
2. The way that something or someone is thought of by other people.


1. Someone who creates or invents things, either using traditional crafts or technology.
2. God. ;p

The multiple meaning of image is key to everything I do and I’m a maker by nature.